Today’s challenges bring about a paradox of accomplishing personal aspirations and responding to the constant pressure of improving performance at work. In the quest for sustainable ways of embracing paradox and navigating complexity, I dove into—Mindfulness, Narrative, and Somatic coaching.

I share a simple yet powerful technique with clients: PRO—Pause, Relax, and Open, adapted from David Drake, Ph.D. I listen to my body and notice through physiological responses when it is time to center. Pausing allows me to sense my body and ask myself, If I interviewed this part of my body, what would it say about this situation? I connect with the wisdom of my heart and acknowledge what emotion is present as a messenger. Then, I zoom out to see the big picture, the interactions, and patterns in a given situation.

By zooming out and in, I relax and find a balance between my inner sensations and external stimuli. I breathe in and out, dancing between letting go and letting come. I center in action to respond from the inner place from which I live on purpose. I step into my commitment and, from there, choose how to move across systems. Leadership is about acting from an inner place of deep commitment to co-create possibilities with others.

When we are centered in action, we open up to new possibilities for greater impact. We experience ourselves in a generative space from where we see situations differently, expand our sensemaking, and cultivate new ways of being to thrive amidst complexity. How do you center in action during these challenging times? Join me in an enriching dialogue to experience new ways of being from which you will learn, grow, and flourish.