To thrive amidst complexity and chaos, a shift from individual to team leadership development is necessary. A team serves as a bridge between individuals and organizations. After facilitating diverse team interventions, I recognized that a different approach is essential to thriving in today’s complexity.

So, I dove into team effectiveness, complex adaptive systems, and team coaching and became a certified team coach by GTCI. Team coaching is a powerful process that enhances team effectiveness and value creation. It enables teams to increase their performance (what they do now), capability (their ability to perform in the future), and capacity (how they do more with less).

I help teams become high value creating teams that focus on creating value for the whole organization and its stakeholders. I help teams of teams build capacity for scalable change across systems.

A team is a complex adaptive system in which members are agents in their own right, adapting to inputs in unpredictable ways. A team is not only the sum of its members; it is a collective identity, which outcomes emerge from its interactions. While evolving, a team requires scaffoldings to bring new narratives to life, reshape collective identity, and define a set of behaviors that enable developmental breakthroughs and value creation across systems.

I developed a systemic, holistic approach to teams to help them work with what emerges at the edge, achieve incredible results, and create value for their stakeholders.

Are you ready to turn challenges into opportunities? To re-awaken creativity, collaboration, and resilience in your team, evolving into a collective identity that thrives in the 21st century? Then it is time I introduce you to team coaching to move your company forward. Let’s go!

"I help teams become high value creating teams"