Thanks for pausing here to learn more about me.

It generates the opportunity to create possibilities together. I am Liliana, a life-long learner passionate about human and systems development. This passion sparks my commitment to help leaders, teams, and organizations catalyze transformational change and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

Living on purpose gives me a sense of deep connection with people, nature, and the universe. I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change at Fielding University. My research focuses on leadership maturity, transformational learning, and systems change.

Since 2004, my professional development has allowed me to serve teams and leaders worldwide. I bring a multicultural perspective and experience to work alongside international organizations. I also partner with leaders through one-on-one executive leadership coaching as an independent contractor of BetterUp, AceUp, and Torch.

By applying an evidence-based and holistic approach to leadership and coaching, I support teams and leaders in integrating behavioral shifts, valuable tools, and practices embedded in their day-to-day situations to create sustained change. In so doing, they expand their repertoire to embrace the intense level of change in today’s world, create value with and for all their stakeholders, and make work more fruitful, fulfilling, and meaningful.

I am a business professional (MBA) and a coach (CPC, PCC) certified by the University of Miami and ICF. I am a member of the Global Team Coaching Institute, ICF South Florida Chapter, Academy of Management, EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and the Institute of Coaching, McLean, Harvard Medical School.