“To become human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.”

David Whyte

As we grow up, we load our invisible backpacks with hidden aspects of ourselves that others may not accept. After a while, our backpacks become so heavy, they keep us from unleashing our true potential. I have seen professionals expend lots of energy trying to cover their flaws and manage others’ impressions of them. But, conversely, I have witnessed others unlock their full potential, become more innovative, and cultivate a high sense of wholeness and fulfillment. “Eighty percent of what it takes for clients to be at their best is a function of their ability to regulate” (David Drake, 2020). So, to support professionals in becoming their best selves, I help them embody their self-awareness as an appreciation of themselves and others, enabling them to build bridges and fostering their interpersonal dynamics for greater impact.


I facilitate transformational experiences to help professionals become their best selves, connect with a higher purpose, and shift the inner place from which they function. As they become better learners and centered in action, they enhance their presence, wisdom, and skillful action to respond to what emerges with dignity and self-confidence. What is keeping you from becoming your best self? Join me in a deep inquiry for transformational change.

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